Meet the Team

We are a coalition of students and faculty members from Northeastern University who are passionate about language accessibility. Each translator and faculty advisor volunteered countless hours to provide high-quality and accurate translations– it is thanks to their hard work and dedication that the LANG Initiative has been able to succeed.

Scroll to meet the incredible translators and faculty members that turned this idea into a reality.

Faculty Advisors

Hua Dong

Lead Faculty Advisor, Chinese Team Faculty Advisor

Hua Dong is a Senior Academic Specialist in Chinese and serves as the coordinator of the Chinese program at the World Languages Center under the College of Social Sciences and Humanities. She teaches courses on Chinese language and culture and has also developed and led the Chinese language Dialogue of Civilizations in China. Having had the experience of being an international student herself many years ago, she joins the LANG Initiative in the hope to support the international students and their families who are facing unique and substantial challenges during COVID-19. She sees the LANG Initiative as a crucial component in creating a campus that is welcoming and culturally diverse at Northeastern.

Chieh Li

Chinese Team Faculty Advisor

I am an Associate Professor of School Psychology in the Department of Applied Psychology, Bouve College of Health Sciences. I do research on cross-cultural psychology. As a bilingual psychologist, I understand that international students are confronted with multiple linguistic and cultural challenges studying in the U.S. The pandemic exacerbates the challenges they encounter. I was inspired by the students who started the LANG Initiative, e.g., Will and Abbie, as well as Prof. Dong who encouraged me to join. I believe that joining LANG as a volunteer is my small way to contribute to equal access to health information for international students and making Northeastern as a supportive learning community. Keep going, LANG!

Tania Muiño Loureiro

Spanish Team Faculty Advisor

Tania Muiño was born and raised in Galicia on the northwest coast of Spain. She grew up in a bilingual home, speaking both Galician and Spanish. She studied English philology at University of Santiago de Compostela in Spain and later completed a BA in English studies at Anglia Ruskin University in the United Kingdom. She received her MA in teaching Spanish as a foreign language from the University of Barcelona in Spain.

Ms. Muiño teaches all levels of Spanish at Northeastern, from Elementary 1 to Advanced 2 as well as Spanish culture courses. Every year, during the summer, she leads a Dialogue of Civilizations program to Spain. She has been living in the United States since 2004 and teaching at Northeastern since 2005. Before moving to Boston, she taught Spanish language and culture courses in the United Kingdom and in Japan. With her expertise, she strives to help students realize their language ability to their fullest extent, using the LANG Initiative to empower bilingual students- most importantly, helping the Northeastern community.

Jeff Yu

Chinese Team Faculty Advisor—Student Service Manager at NU Global

Jeff is a Student Service Manager at NU Global. Jeff loves finding ways to support any incoming international student. By joining the LANG initiative, Jeff hopes his assistance could not only help more international students before their arrival but also ease up the stress from their families.

Student Translation Leaders

Wenting (Monica) Jia 贾雯婷

Chinese Team Student Project Manager—Finance and Accounting Major—Class of 2021

At the beginning, the quarantine process during this pandemic brought me plenty of free time. I want to utilize all the free time to do something meaningful. Simultaneously, the professor from one of my summer classes forwarded the link to us. It is a great opportunity for me to reduce my “lazy time” and help students and parents who may not feel very comfortable in reading a big bulk of English documents which are very important to know. 

I will definitely include this volunteer experience in my resume. I believe the LANG Initiative will make it bright and shine. Besides, no matter where I will be, I am going to keep eyes on any opportunity to help others especially when they need translation. This is also a great time for me to go through school policies.

Professional Profile:

Maria Zapata Perez

Spanish Team Student Project Manager—Combined Business Administration & Psychology Major with a Minor in Sustainable Business Practices—Class of 2023

I joined the LANG Initiative because it offers a service that I think is necessary at Northeastern, given the number of international students who attend and apply to our university and the way we embrace global diversity and thought. It is only fair for us to offer this resource to the families who may not be fluent in the English language and who still have a right to know (and most importantly, understand!) our plans for their students. Especially during these heartbreaking times all around the world, I am happy to be a part of this initiative and know that I’m making a positive change, as small as it may be, in my Northeastern community.

Professional Profile:

Student Translators

Wenzhao (Larry) Bai

Chinese Team Student Translator—Finance Major with a Minor in Music—Class of 2021

Joining the LANG Initiative means I would be able to help the parents of our students who do not read English to understand the most recent COVID related messages sent by university officials. It is extremely important, especially during the pandemic, for the parents to be informed what actions the university have been taking to make adequate plan with the students to return to campus for the fall.

This experience will not simply be put onto my resume but will drive me to participate in further actions to give a hand to those in needs. That could not only be translations, but be other projects that will be helpful to others. 

Professional Profile:

Nancy Ho

Chinese Team Student Translator

Huilian Jiang 蒋惠莲

Chinese Team Student Translator—Data Science Major—Class of 2021

I’m a passionate and positive person! It is always a pleasure to help others, especially under such uncommon circumstances. As a member of Northeastern, I am willing to join the team and help to deliver the information as accurate as possible, especially to those new students and their parents who are native Chinese speakers like me. The LANG team also gave me this great opportunity to know and work with people from other area/majors.

It is a nice experience to work within the LANG team. Many of my soft skills were enhanced, especially communication and teamwork which definitely will help my future career development.

Sam Jiang 江敬國

Chinese Team Student Translator—Accounting Major—Class of 2021

You know when your responsibility comes, you go straight up and just take it. Like this one in 2020.

Mabel Lyu 吕含聪

Chinese Team Student Translator—Finance/Marketing Analytic Major—Class of 2023

It all started when the boring quarantine hits, and I was actively looking for things to do to keep my brain moving. The pandemic has been a pain and torture for the world, especially in America. I was sad about the fact that thousands of people died but I didn’t do a single thing to help. I started to sign up for Red Cross blood donation and volunteer in my spare time, but it was still too little to make a difference. When I came across the NU-Lang program, I joined without a doubt. It is a way to help a huge amount of the Chinese population in Northeastern to learn more about the policies from school and the country to solve their immediate problems coming to campus. The huge impact I could make for people around me drove me to join the NU-Lang program.

This opportunity allowed me to meet many students and faculty that are caring, kind, and like-minded as me. Through the cooperation with them, I definitely understood the experience of group working and helping each other with difficult translations. Besides that, I also learned to enjoy the interesting differences and similarities between two languages and immerse in my home culture.  

Professional Profile:

He Wang 王鹤

Chinese Team Student Translator—Bioengineering—Masters Candidate

I joined NU LANG at the beginning because I love translating. And doing something I enjoy which will also benefit many others simply makes me feel refreshed every time I think of it. I would say NU LANG is a really amazing experience. It’s the kind of sunlight I need during this current, difficult situation. And shout out to our organizers and teammates! I have had a good time with you guys. Thanks for the effort everyone made!

Rosan Wang 王若萱

Chinese Team Student TranslatorComputer Science and Biology Major—Second Year

I joined the LANG Initiative to help out families who may be struggling to understand Northeastern’s COVID-19 policies due to a language barrier. Growing up with parents whose native language is not English, I am familiar with the struggles a language barrier may pose, and I’ve often served as a translator within my family to help my parents adjust to America. I chose to be part of the LANG Initiative in order to use my knowledge to assist other people who may be in the same situation. I hope to use this experience sharpen my Chinese skills and do my part in contributing to the safety of the Northeastern community during these uncertain times.

Professional Profile:

Xinyu Wu 吴心雨

Chinese Team Student Translator—Data Science and Economics Major with a Minor in Business Administration—Class of 2024

As an incoming first year, the prospect of being a part of the LANG Initiative really excited me. At first, my primary goal was just to practice and improve my Chinese translation and writing skills. The LANG Initiative has not only fulfilled my hopes of improving my Chinese, but has also allowed me to meet a lot of great people from the Northeastern community. The individuals in this initiative have all been very kind, helpful, and make the experience much more than what I had expected.

Professional Profile:

Bo Zhang 张博

Chinese Team Student Translator—Project Management, Masters Candidate—Class of 2020

The reason that I joined the LANG initiative was to be able to assist Chinese speaking students/parents to be able to understand university information, information from US government and help student acclimate with life here in the US.

I will use my experience from my previous work and combine lessons learned from this experience to help myself and other students, colleagues in the future.

Professional Profile:

Xiaoshuo (Flandre) Zhang

Chinese Team Student Translator—Business Major—Second Year

Hi, I am Xiaoshuo Zhang and I go by Flandre. I am a second-year business student. I like reading and writing, especially classical Chinese literature. Dream of the Red Chamber is my favourite book.  

My friend Lucy is a member of the Chinese Language Table Club. She received an email that was recruiting for volunteers to translate English documents into Chinese at the beginning of July from the LANG Initiative. She knew me so well that she forwarded it to me. Due to cultural differences, sentence coherence and splendid in Chinese, clear and concise expression in English, I want to try my best with an intent on transforming and expressing English and Chinese as perfectly as possible, and the LANG Initiative provides me with this opportunity. To improve and practice myself, I joined the LANG Initiative. 

In the process of translation and communication, by cooperating with other translators, we exchanged our opinions on modification, I learnt many useful ideas different from mine and to overcome differences and seek common ground, so I could find a better way on expression. 

Professional Profile:

Maria Cabella

Spanish Team Student Translator—Economics Major with Minors in Math and French—Class of 2022

My name is Maria, I’m originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I joined LANG because I thought it was a great opportunity to contribute to the University’s effort in protecting students from the spread of COVID-19, by facilitating official and accurate information about the University’s guidelines to a wide audience. I hope our work helps everyone in the Northeastern community make good decisions related to the upcoming semester. Participating in this project has made me more aware of the huge effort that has been put by different members of our community to ensure a safe environment for the next academic year. The ability to contribute through LANG has been a great opportunity to apply my skills and help others in times of uncertainty.

Ana de Niz

Spanish Team Student Translator—International Affairs & Human Services Major—Class of 2023

My name is Ana de Niz and I am a second-year student majoring in International Affairs and Human Services and minoring in Criminal Justice. I was motivated to join the NU Lang initiative because I know how much of a barrier language can be to accessing the necessary resources. I thought this initiative is extremely helpful not only in providing documents in a large variety of languages but also in advocating for international students when it comes to accessibility in general. I am looking forward to continuing with this project and using my Spanish skills further in other positions to aid in translating. 

Estelle De Zan

Spanish Team Student Translator—Journalism & International Affairs Major—Class of 2022

Estelle De Zan is a fourth-year journalism and international affairs double major at Northeastern University. She is currently serving as the Marketing & Communications Co-op at the nonprofit consulting group Root Cause. Her previous six-month job placement was at City of Boston Mayor Marty Walsh’s office as his correspondent and the first point of contact for constituent needs through Boston311. During her time there, she employed her Spanish language and customer communication skills to offer appropriate solutions to neighborhood-specific concerns. As a writer and versatile reporter that is passionate about social change, her other work experience includes producing Boston’s Golden Hour Podcast, serving as an English instructor for refugees and migrants in London, and a research assistant for her university campus International Affairs Program.

Professional Profile:

Miranda Gonzalez

Spanish Team Student Translator—Business Administration & Psychology—Class of 2023

What inspired me to join the LANG team was giving back to my community in a way that is helpful and beneficial to many family members. Personally, my parents can’t read in English and it felt good to be doing something that could enhance their experience as Northeastern parents. Particularly now in a time of uncertainty, I’m glad I could share my translating skills to bring peace of mind to many parents from Latin America. Translating the documents became a bonding time with my mom who read over my work and corrected me. I’m very grateful I had this experience because now I feel confident when translating documents and because I could meet others in my community with a similar background. Moving forward, I’m eagerly awaiting to translate more documents for Northeastern and be of greater help along with this great team. 

Professional Profile:

Angelica Fuiza

Spanish Team Student Translator—Health Sciences Major with Minors in Spanish, Global Health, and Biology—Class of 2022

My name is Angelica Fiuza and I am 4th year Health Sciences student with minors in Spanish, Global Health, and Biology. Upon learning about the impact the NU Lang project could have for members of the Northeastern community where English is not their first language, I was very moved to join since coming from an immigrant family I can understand how inconvenient it can be to not have important documents accessible in one’s native language. As a part of the Spanish translation team I have been able to work with some incredible students and faculty, and the experience has peaked a desire to find more volunteer opportunities that incorporate the Spanish language in the future.

Professional Profile:

Alia Hutton-González

Spanish Team Student Translator—Industrial Engineering Major—Class of 2023

Alia decided to join the Northeastern LANG Initiative because she wanted to help international Spanish families during these difficult times. Growing up in Miami, Alia was immersed in both the American and Spanish culture. Coming from an immigrant family, Alia understands the struggle these families face in their transition and is always finding different ways of helping others. 

Alia hopes to use this experience to continue helping Spanish speaking families and immigrants in Boston. She wants to continue to translate and aid international families. She is currently learning Chinese and hopes to continue to learn as many languages as possible to connect and directly help people across the globe.

Professional Profile:

Jimena Unzueta

Spanish Team Student Translator—Psychology Major with a Minor in Behavioral Neuroscience

My name is Jimena Unzueta and I am a third year psychology student at the College of Science majoring in Psychology and minoring in Behavioral Neuroscience. 

I was born in Bolivia, where the native tongue is Spanish. A lot of people are do not know English there because they don’t have access to an education and I have seen how that can be a barrier for getting opportunities. Therefore, seeing how people can struggle to communicate, I wanted to help other stay included and informed.

This experience has taught me that you can always help. Even though COVID has limited in person service opportunities, this initiative show that you can find ways to help with the skills and experience that you have. I hope this will help more people stay informed and healthy. Northeastern is a diverse community and we should always support each other so that everyone feels included, informed and safe!

Professional Profile:

Long Tieu Chung

Vietnamese Team Student Translator—Business Administration & Accounting Major—Class of 2022

The primary reason why I joined the NU LANG Initiative because I am a person who really love doing volunteer activities, not only in our school, but also in the communities out there. In a nice day, I suddenly received an email from the NU LANG Initiative, and I felt like I was chosen to do this work. Because of being a Vietnamese international student who is learning and living in the US, this is a good chance for me to practice and improve my English so that I can use both languages skillfully.

This experience helps me a lot! It not only gives me skills to use languages better, but it also gives me friends and partners who could help me more in the coming journey. I will use the experiences while working here as knowledge to move on in my life.

Professional Profile:

Jeri Le

Vietnamese Team Student Translator—Business Administration—Class of 2024

While looking for more ways to contribute to the community in such troubled times, I was introduced to the LANG initiative through the Northeastern’s Weekly Volunteer Digest, a weekly newsletter detailed with volunteering opportunities around the Boston area. Having been part of many community service organizations in the past and experience in translating emails from a previous internship opportunity, I jumped at the opportunity to apply my skill to a greater cause. I hope to positively contribute to the fight against COVID-19 and make new friends along the way!

Tima Iqbal

Bengali Team Student Translator—Financial Technology Concentration with a Minor in Computer Science—Class of 2022

Being an immigrant myself, I know what it’s like to struggle with language firsthand. So, making invaluable information more accessible to everyone was something I knew I had to be a part of. I don’t get to use my native language often outside of my home. This experience has also helped me celebrate and appreciate my language that is often overlooked. Not only that, joining the LANG initiative has introduced me to some amazing and passionate people who also value making Northeastern University more inclusive for each and every one.

Professional Profile:

Nitya Kedia

Hindi Team Student Translator

LANG Organizers

Abbie Sedillos

Co-Founder of the LANG Initiative—Environmental Studies & Political Science Major with a Minor in Law & Public Policy—Class of 2022

​Language accessibility is a barrier for so many people and it’s more often than not overlooked– I’ve heard so many stories from students for whom English is a second language that emphasized the fact that someone had to do something about it.

Working on the LANG Initiative has helped me meet so many wonderful people from many walks of life. Thank you to all the translators and faculty advisors that worked so hard to make this project a success, and a special shout out to Will and Professor Dong for moving mountains to get the LANG Initiative off the ground! 

Professional Profile:

William H. Fleming

Co-Founder of the LANG Initiative—Security & Resilience Studies Major—Masters Candidate, Class of 2022

We often speak our mother tongue with a sense of complacency while others can inadvertently misinterpret these messages – in a sense, falling on listening ears, overflowing with confusion. This vulnerability inhibits students and their families from feeling one with the community they reside in, especially Northeastern as a global institution. Undoubtedly, this hurts our resiliency. This is why the LANG Initiative is key to strengthening our community.

Since the pandemic, what inspired me was the desperation of international students and non-English speaking parents scrambling to reassure them but unable to – most of which, hark back to their desire to understand this uncertainty. We, the LANG Initiative, have reassured them. This has made me passionate about continuing to find ways to bridge communities and strengthen them. Most importantly, every translator on our teams, faculty advisors, Hua Dong, and my partner in crime Abbie Sedillos have empowered me to not be complacent and fight to build our community on one basic understanding – language accessibility. Thank you all for making this possible!

Professional Profile:

Hua Dong

Lead Faculty Advisor, Chinese Team Faculty Advisor

Hua Dong is a Senior Academic Specialist in Chinese and serves as the coordinator of the Chinese program at the World Languages Center under the College of Social Sciences and Humanities. She teaches courses on Chinese language and culture and has also developed and led the Chinese language Dialogue of Civilizations in China. Having had the experience of being an international student herself many years ago, she joins the LANG Initiative in the hope to support the international students and their families who are facing unique and substantial challenges during COVID-19. She sees the LANG Initiative as a crucial component in creating a campus that is welcoming and culturally diverse at Northeastern.

Mika Morikawa

Social Media Graphic Designer—Administrative Officer of the Department of Cultures, Societies, & Global Studies and Center for International Affairs and World Cultures

Mika identifies as 1.5-generation Japanese/American. Born in Japan but raised in the U.S., she is a fluent English speaker and a heritage Japanese speaker. Before coming to Northeastern, Mika worked for a domestic Japanese company in Tokyo. During her career in Japan, she encountered many challenges regarding language, particularly the assumption that she was a native Japanese speaker as a Japanese-appearing person. The experience ignited her passion for cross-cultural communication as a way of improving the workplace experience. Mika joined the LANG Initiative in the hopes of providing support for the group’s mission as someone who knows how language barriers can have a direct impact on mental and physical health. She looks forward to working with the LANG Team and international students. 

Professional Profile:

Interested in joining the NU LANG team?

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